Regional Dealer Networks


Wolff AeroCycle is currently seeking local dealers interested in marketing Wolff AeroCycle's two new innovative aircraft designs. These include the following:

         Locally market Wolff AeroCycle products

         Purchase AeroCycle products at dealer discount pricing, for resale to local customers.

         Serve the needs of their customers.

         Provide guidance, customer service, and training to local customers.



         Most Dealership territories are available for approximately $5,000/year US. Regions should generally be shaped by state or continuous portions of state and will be priced according to size and population statistics. Current pricing = $1,000/congressional representative (Iowa 5 = $5,000; Utah 3 = $3,000; Mass. 10 = $10,000).

         Special Development Offer: Free annual renewals until first delivery.




         Prospective dealers will be asked to sign a dealer agreement outlining the responsibilities of both dealer and manufacturer.

         Each dealer is expected to build and operate at least one demonstrator aircraft. This airplane is purchased at a 5% discount below regular retail price from the manufacturer.

         Each dealer is expected to maintain a permanent business establishment, preferably based at a local airport, capable of housing his operations. Those operations may include, at the dealer's discretion, builders' assistance, maintenance, customer support, sales & marketing, etc.



         Receive dealer discount pricing: 5% for first craft; 10% for second; 15% third; 20% subsequent ongoing.

         Exclusive rights to authorized resale: demonstrate, take deposits and payments, and deliver product within region.

         Obtain referrals from manufacturer / other dealers for leads located in region.

         Exclusive rights to provide additional services: sell authorized parts and upgrades; provide authorized and warrantee services; provide authorized builder assistance programs, financing, authorized training, and support.

         Protection from sales of new crafts below manufacture suggested retail price (MSRP). Restrictions: cannot sell to other taken regions; cannot sell below MSRP outside of your own region.



Note: Information contained above is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Final dealer responsibilities and benefits will be finalized upon execution of Wolff AeroCycle Dealership Agreement.

Dealer Application


Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that a dealership will be granted. Qualifications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted individually. Certain criteria must be met in order to be considered for a dealership, including, but not limited to, adequate facilities, ability to support Wolff AeroCycle products, and demonstration of a strong commitment to customer support.



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Resale tax Number:

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Desired Wolff AeroCycle dealership area:


Number of Employees:

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Services to be provided:

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 Certified Rotax repair station

 Aircraft Maintenance


 Engine Maintenance

 Pilot Supplies

 Avionics Sales/Repair

 Pilot Training

Builder Assistance

 Other (please specify) __________________





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